Archibald Yronwood and Gerris Drinkwater recount to Ser Barristan Selmy the events in Meereen’s dungeons that led to Quentyn Martell being burnt alive by the dragon

“Rags arranged for a ship,” said Yronwood.
“A big one, in case we got both dragons. And Quent was going to ride one.”
He looked at his bandaged hands.
“The moment we got in, though, you could see none of it was going to work.
The dragons were too wild. The chains … there were bits of broken chain everywhere, big chains, links the size of your head mixed in with all these cracked and splintered bones.
And Quent, Seven save him, he looked like he was going to shit his smallclothes. Caggo and Meris weren’t blind, they saw it too. Then one of the crossbowmen let fly.
Maybe they meant to kill the dragons all along and were only using us to get to them. You never know with Tatters. Any way you hack it off, it weren’t clever.
The quarrel just made the dragons angry, and they hadn’t been in such a good mood to start with. Then … then things got bad.”

“And the Windblown blew away,” said Ser Gerris. “Quent was screaming, covered in flames, and they were gone. Caggo, Pretty Meris, all but the dead one.”

“Ah, what did you expect, Drink? A cat will kill a mouse, a pig will wallow in shit, and a sellsword will run off when he’s needed most. Can’t be blamed. Just the nature of the beast.”

George R.R. Martin
A Dance with Dragons, The Queen’s Hand (Chapter 70)

Viserion and the Windblown, Meereen dungeons
Viserion and the Windblown, Meereen dungeons

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Viserion and the Windblown in Meereen’s dungeons – A Dance with Dragons