Prince Aemond Targaryen riding Vhagar arrive at Harrenhal
Prince Aemond Targaryen riding Vhagar arrive at Harrenhal

Prince Aemond Targaryen, Alys Rivers, riding Vhagar, arrive at Harrenhal

The battle over the Gods Eye between Daemon Targaryen and his nephew Aemond is one of the most haunting and dramatic scene from the George RR Martin Westeros histories.

This drawing depicts the Targaryen one-eyed prince arriving at Harrenhal, riding the dragon Vhagar, accompanied by Alys Rivers, a girl with prophetic abilities, pregnant of their child.

Soon after Aemond and his uncle Daemon, the Rogue Prince, will climb on their respective dragons to duel in the skies above Harrenhal.

here’s a drawing of their duel as well


Fire & Blood; The Dying of the Dragons chapter
by George RR Martin

On the fourteenth day of the prince’s vigil, a shadow swept over the castle, blacker than any passing cloud.
All the birds in the godswood took to the air in fright, and a hot wind whipped the fallen leaves across the yard.

Vhagar had come at last, and on her back rode the one-eyed Prince Aemond Targaryen, clad in nightblack armor chased with gold.

He had not come alone.
Alys Rivers flew with him, her long hair streaming black behind her, her belly swollen with child.

Prince Aemond circled twice about the towers of Harrenhal, then brought Vhagar down in the outer ward, with Caraxes a hundred yards away.

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Prince Aemond Targaryen riding Vhagar arrive at Harrenhal; from ‘Fire & Blood’

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