Ser Arthur Dayne knighting Jaime Lannister with the sword Dawn
Ser Arthur Dayne knighting Jaime Lannister with the sword Dawn

This drawing depicts a scene from Jaime’s memories, when he was very young and being knighted by Ser Arthur Dayne of the Kingsguard.
Jaime is reminding himself of the vigil before he became a knight while he is alone in the Great Sept of Baelor where his father’s body lies in state, for a vigil supposed to continue for seven days and seven nights.

Before the citation from the book I want to bring to your attention two phrases spoken by two characters which are incredibly similar:

The characters are Ser Arthur Dayne and Lord Commander Jon Snow, and I think the author is placing such analogous concepts in the words of these two particular characters to draw a parallel between them!

“All knights must bleed, Jaime” Ser Arthur Dayne had said

Jaime I; A Feast for Crows

“We all shed our blood for the Watch. Wear thicker gloves.” Jon shoved a chair toward him with a foot

Samwell I; A Feast for Crows

Jon Snow and Arthur Dayne are both heroic and honorable characters, finding these parallels placed in two very close chapters of A Feast for Crows, had me think that maybe there are other elements linking them together.

Well, I’m sure we’ll find out reading the books to come; but I believe that if the author decided to show us the same concept expressed trough their dialogues, it should imply that maybe a truly important connection between them will be revealed in the future!

Reference excerpt from the book: Jaime I; A Feast for Crows

It had been years since his last vigil.
And I was younger then, a boy of fifteen years. He had worn no armor then, only a plain white tunic.

The sept where he’d spent the night was not a third as large as any of the Great Sept’s seven transepts.

Jaime had laid his sword across the Warrior’s knees, piled his armor at his feet, and knelt upon the rough stone floor before the altar.
When dawn came his knees were raw and bloody.

All knights must bleed, Jaime
, Ser Arthur Dayne had said, when he saw. Blood is the seal of our devotion.

With dawn he tapped him on the shoulder; the pale blade was so sharp that even that light touch cut through Jaime’s tunic, so he bled anew.
He never felt it.
A boy knelt; a knight rose.
The Young Lion, not the Kingslayer.
But that was long ago, and the boy was dead.

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Ser Arthur Dayne knighting Jaime Lannister with the sword Dawn
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