Euron Greyjoy seated on the Iron Throne
Euron Greyjoy seated on the Iron Throne; The Crow’s Eye is a Gods Killer

Reference excerpt from the book: The Forsaken; The Winds of Winter

Now it was metal underneath the Crow’s Eye.

A great, tall seat of razor-sharp iron of barbs and blades and broken swords, all dripping blood.

Impaled upon the longer spikes were the bodies of the gods.

The Maiden was there, and the Father, and the Mother and the Warrior and Crone and Smith, even the Stranger.

They hung side by side with all manner of queer, foreign gods, The Great Shephard and the Black Goat, Three Headed Trios and the Pale Child Bakkalon, the Lord of Light, and the Butterfly God of Naath, and there swollen in green heft devoured by crabs, the Drowned God festered with the Red Sea Horse, still dripping from its hair.

Illustration for the preview chapter The Forsaken from the upcoming book The Winds of Winter by George RR Martin.

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Euron Greyjoy Gods Killer; Illustration from The Forsaken, The Winds of Winter Preview Chapter by GRRM