The Dying of the Dragons, Fire and Blood; Daemon Targaryen and the girl Nettles
Daemon Targaryen and Nettles: ‘A queen’s words, a whore’s work’

Illustration for the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin

Daemon Targaryen The Rogue Prince and his lover, the young girl Nettles, at the time they were in the Riverlands looking for Aemon One Eye Targaryen, during the war known as The Dance of the Dragons

Mooton’s maester present Daemon Targaryen the letter from the prince’s wife, queen Rhaenyra, destined to end both their marriage as the prince’s engagement in the war

Reference excerpt from the book: The Dying of the Dragons – Rhaenyra Triumphant; Fire and Blood

The maester, a young man of two-and-twenty, found Prince Daemon and the girl Nettles at their supper that night, and showed them the queen’s letter.

“Weary after a long day of fruitless flight, they were sharing a simple meal of boiled beef and beets when I entered, talking softly with each other, of what I cannot say.

The prince greeted me politely but as he read I saw the joy go from his eyes, and a sadness descended upon him, like a weight to weary to be borne.

When the girl asked what was in the letter, he said,

‘A queen’s words, a whore’s work’.”

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Daemon Targaryen & the girl Nettles from ‘The Dying of the Dragons’, Fire and Blood by GRRM